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Indian's bay is ready

During our summer vacations on our Niagara boat there are not so many possibilities to discover new land.

To spend weekends with kids on the board is sometime difficult. That is why we are creating programs for them.  

We decided, to build an indian's camp on our small piece of land on Slapy lake. 

There are few possibilities to entertain them, such as fishing, barbecue, small fire place or small walks around.

The bay has a story. Few nice indians are living there during the week and keeping an eye for the bay. During the weekends they go for hunting, so we can use the village for ourselves.

This time we decided to take Martin and his four kids with us. Mums stayed home and fathers had to take care about six kids during the weekend.

We had to load the boat by all the necessary stuff such as sleeping bags for all of them, food, enough dresses and the tee-pee. 

Friday evening was on the program to build the tee-pee and make the fire. 

We could not make our kids tired. They went after 10pm and still it was difficult arguing :)

On Saturday morning there was a plan to go 2km up to the hill where is nice hotel with the pool outside. We stayed there almost whole afternoon.

At 4pm had to go back to the boat and went on engine back to our home marina. This complete trip takes us around 2 hours. 

At six we expected Pavla to come, because Martin had to leave back home to feed their dog.

After 24 hour the boat was dirty as never before :) But that was expected, we enjoyed it and kids have new excitements.

Sunday morning was beautiful weater, had a breakfast in the cockpit and did a boat cleaning.



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