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Fishing and video shooting weekend.

Me and my two friends decided to spend a bit of cash for proper fishing equipment. Ondrej is the most advanced from three of us, he has everything what fishing shops can offer. 

His role was to give us a bit of experience, so we are able to use the stuff on the sea where we go soon.

On friday we had a calm evening, just talked about sailing and fishing experiences, fall a sleep around 10pm and woke up around 8am. No kids, no alarm, no work, just clinking lifts to the masts and waves. The pleasant sound and motion to every sailor. 

On Saturday, we choosed for fishing the spot with the pier which we built quite lately. The weather was not good, cold, 20 degrees, cloudy with a possibility of heavy rain.

But we did not let anything to create bad mood to us. Man's fishing trip is famous all around the world :)

On Saturday evening we had to go back to the marina. Pavla arrived with kids and guys had to leave home.

All three of us had a success, but professional fishermen would not publish his catch.

See the sizes :)

On Sunday we expected our film crew Jakub and Miki. They arrived with a car full of film equipment, even more than less of the stuff we did not use. We were lucky, the weather has changed, so we even got a bit of sunburn.

The aim of today's filming was to show Pavla and kids on the camera. Previous shootings were mainly with me and some close people.

After 5 monts from the fair in Dusseldorf, we unpacked the paddleboard and we realized, that there is missing the central fin which stabilizes it.  It is surprising, that there are so many producers of this toy, but there are no spare part eshops. The fin for this type is not possible to find:(

Sunday is off, we arrived to Prague, put kids to the bath and almost fall a sleep with them :)



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