• Michal

Niagara is on water :)

Season has started. We already put our new boat Catalina 28 mk II on water. We have chosen the worst day we could chose. It was 4 degrees of celsius and rainy day.

In the moment when I was on the water, I started the engine, but the boat did not spit the water out. That is an issue, because engine did not suck in water to cool the system. Of course the valve was closed, but it toked me a while to find it. Meanwhile I was using a paddle to paddle out from the rock.

First moment on the water and immediately a problem. Ufff.

After we arrived into the marina, I was nicely surprised by the manager, that we got new berth which is easy for mooring and also will be nice to wake up in the morning and jump for a swim, because the berth is facing river and no one will be looking into our cockpit :)

The day after we had significantly better weather, so I decided to put up mast. I never experienced that before, because our previous boat did not have such a heavy mast as Niagara. We could lift it up just in two people.

For Niagara we had to use the crane in marina.

Definitely not able to do it in two people.

After the mast was up, we fixed sidestays and went back on the berth where I installed boom and all the ropes, so there is free space inside of the boat. Sails are not up yet, because the day was bit windy and I did not want to do it alone. But Pavla's request to empty up the saloon is fulfilled :)

Now there is her turn to prepare the boat for season. There are things that I am not good at :)

Cannot wait for the weekend when we will sleep and wake up there. 6 beds will be enough for our family, having regular kitchen and toilet makes weekends much more comfortable, than previous seasons on Katy boat.


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