• Michal

Our new boat Niagara on the lake

At the end of 2016 season, we sold our first boat Katy. It was 24ft racer cruiser which was on Czech lake Slapy.

The new owner is our close friend Peter, who goes sailing with us quite often on sea.

Peter will stay in the marina where we are having the berth, so Katy will be still with us :) The marina Modra lodenice, is ideal for kids because of a lot of possible activities on the shore. It is the place where we had the wedding during summer of 2016.

We bought Catalina 29ft from year 1999. It was imported from US and we are third owner. Even the oven is still unused and wrapped as from the factory :)

The reason why we switched the boat is simple, two kids need more space for sleeping but also for other activities on the boat. This boat has T shape keep, so it is not ideal for close shore anchoring, but has a lot of other advantages in compare with the previous one. Such as gas oven, shower, two cabins, standing height, steering wheel, bigger cockpit etc.

Hopefully this new boat will make us to stay more days on the lake then before. When you get used to some comfort on the boat, you do not want to go for lower standard, especially when there are kids. That is why we did not use our previous boat so much as before.

We cannot wait till the April 2017, when we will put Niagara on the lake and spend few days there.


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