• Michal

Choosing marina on Sardinia

In a year 2011 I had a chance to go around Sardinia by car in two weeks. It was random trip, we stayed where we liked it, but still on shore. Back then I was only imagining to be on the boat and spend times on the sea.

One year after I met with current wife and she convinced me to with her to Caribbean for two weeks.

This was the moment which changed my life.

But back to the Sardinia. As you might know, we will be moving our Liberty from Athens to Trapani on Sicily for winter 2017. In spring 2018 we would like to slowly move our boat to Canary Islands for the ARC Atlantic Crossing. Therefore we would like to visit Sardinia during our movements.

People say, that the best area is north, La Maddalena. But heavy tourism.

East side of the island is not that crowded, quite high hills where you can buy various cheeses from local farmers.

West side is more occupied by locals and tourists. You can also see horrible history touch of coal miners in the city of Carbonia. It was built by Benito Mussolini for 45.000 residents working there.

South is beautiful, you can see the touch of Carthaginians who were changing with Romans their domination over the island. Generally Sardinia was a subject of wars since BC times.

Here is the list of web links of main marinas on Sardinia. If you plan to keep your boat there for a while, it might be useful for you. There are also three airports on the island, also many ferry connections from France and Italy.

1. Alghero -

2. Fertilia -

3. Stintino -

4. Castelsardo -

5. La Maddalena -

6. Cala Bitta -

7. Porto Rotondo -

8. Punta Marana -

9. Navarrese Baunei -

10. Arbatax -

11. Capitana -

12. Cagliari -

13. Perde Sali -

14. Carloforte -

15. Porto Scuso -

16. Bosa -






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