• Michal

Destroyed boats in Poros

On Friday 7th of October 2016, when we were with my few friends enjoying boys trip in Greece, we experienced weird weather conditions.

From Thursday 6th till Friday 7th we stayed in Poros, went for dinner and enjoyed calm night with a bottle of wine on the boat.

On Friday morning I went buy a bottle of teak cleanser and two bottles of teak oil.

Friday was beutiful day, no clouds and quite hight temperature for October. That is why we decided to stay on anchor in Russion bay in the valley of Poros, where we enjoyed last calm afternoon on the anchor.

The plan was to stay here over the night and wake up early to go 4 hours on engine to marina Kalamaki in Athens.

Weather forecast was predicting 15kn wind, which is fine for staying on the anchor. There were other boats, which probably had same plans.

Thankfully John had an idea, that we will go this afternoon to Athens already.

He wanted to pack everything before we will check out and leave our Liberty there alone for some other charter groups.

The others did not complain against this idea, so at 5pm we decided to leave towards to Athens.

At 8:30pm when we were 20mins out of Kalamaki, the sky became dark and waves become around 4m high. Very strong wind constantly 40kn and in gusts around 60-70kn.

Because of the rain I could not see anything outside of the boat. It was like needles into the eyes.

Peter was hidden behind the spring hood, so he could see if there aro no ferries or transport ships, which are here quite often thanks to heavy traffic to Athen's port.

All the crew got lifejackets and stayed in the saloon. In this moment we got in front of Kalamaki. I tried to go to the marina, but in those conditions I would not be able to park. I would destroy Liberty and other boats also.

We could not do anything else, than to stay on the sea and wait untill the eye of the storm will pass us.

In 15mins the conditions become better so I tried to go to the berth. There was one free spot between other boats. Successfully got there on mooring line and roped to the other boats.

After few minutes captains from other boats started to go to see us, who is the crazy guy who moored in these conditions.

Everything was wet, except us, because we all had professional equipment from Musto and Henri Lloyd.

The other day in the morning we got the information, that the storm destroyed 20 boats in Poros and ripped out bonders from the stone city mall.

There was one boat even sunked because the captain tried to leave the berth, but catched mooring line into the propeller. After that the boat was uncontrollable and hit the city mall by the hull.

This was definitely good experience for myself. I could see how important is to stay calm and give clear and direct orders to the crew.

The best safe place in these conditions is to stay on open sea.


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