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Sailing books you should read

Just a few books we went thru and would like to share our experience. We divided our readings into few categories:

Cruising itself

Imray Pilot books - We love them. We are usually buying them for each location where we plan to sail. They are bit more expensive, but the marina details and easy navigation are great.

World Cruising Routes - this book is a must for planning. Helps for faster route planning.

Joshua Slocum - Sailing Alone Around the World. Every sailor has to read it to realise how difficult it must been 100 years ago, being alone without any phone, gps, maps and services in the marinas.

Boat & Sailing

Nautical Knots - I do not know about you, but I always learn knots again and again. I remember only the fender knot and for the rest I use the bow knot. This book is so well illustrated, that I easily find what I need for the case I am solving.

Boat mechanical systems - you know, that on the sea there is always something broken or requires often maintenance. This book will navigate you to the basic things.

The complete yachtmaster - This books nicely explains the theory and also demonstrates the practice of sailing, navigation, meteorology etc.


The boat galley cookbook - We downloaded the free 20 pages which the writer is giving for free on her web. It was so useful, that we bought the paperback. Simple recipes and improvisation on a boat is worth having it.

The one-pan galley gourmet - This is economic version with quick and easy recipes. Really handy.

The care and feeding of sailing crew - description of preparation for 50 days crossing passage thru North Pacific.


Heavy weather sailing - This book is great advisor for heavy storm conditions. First edition was in 1967. The technology is evolving, but the weather stays the same. All the sailors should stay always respectful to weather.

Storm tactics - There is more then about storms. They are also writing about unbelievably unexperienced sailors. Good reading to realise that a person has a gap in his knowledge also.

Sailor's weather guide - Also quite detailed reading, but this book has best illustrations.


Voyaging with kids - We were searching for some experienced sailors, who did what we are preparing for. The family living on a board for 9 years, published this beautiful book which helped us to find answers for our questions.

The essentials of living abord a boat - this book was the first one which inspired us that our dream is possible to live.

Treasure island - When we were sailing thru British Virgin Islands (exactly Norman island), we were reading to our kids this book. The kids imagination does not have borders :)


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