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Boot Dusseldorf review

On Friday 20th of January we drove 7 hours to Boot fair in Dusseldorf.

This was my third time in Boot. First time we wanted to discover the world of boats, pick one, then charter it, test it and then the next year went to order it.

Have not been there two years since we ordered Liberty, the show is the same, just boats are bigger :)

This time our aim was to consult and buy new equipment for our Liberty. The fair so massive, that 2 days are not enough to see all things. That is why we decided to go to Bavaria stand, consult their experience with products which we decided to buy.

Thankfully the first guy we met was Czech guy, the discussion was definitely easier.

Bavaria introduced new sailing boat 57ft. Their biggest model they ever produced.

It is impressive from outside. The cue to get inside is too big and we did not want to spend our time waiting in the line.

From the quick observation of the solution of the back of the boat we figured out, that there are few details which will make problem to the owner. Such as shower and the dinghy garage.

Shower you can see as a standing iron thing next to the right stairs. The controller of the temperature of the water is close to the steering wheel, which means you need other person to optimise it during your shower or run up and back.

Garage is very cool, but the fixed dinghy propeller will not make the teak stay nice too long.

There definitely will be more small things which Bavaria will figure out soon. I have to say, the boat is impressive and would be able to live with small issues :)

There were few other interesting boats which we could see during our walk from the Bavaria stand to the other hall with equipments.

I love the Garcia exploration 45.

I was always looking at traditional producers of boats as Beneteau, Jeanneau, Bavaria or more expectional such as Swan or Hallberg Rassy, that is why I amazed by completely new brand to me which is CNB.

Boot in Dusseldorf is the European largest fair about water sports, that is why there are not only boats and equipment, but also exhibitors from world of Kitesurfing, Diving etc. For me there was absolutely amazing innovation which blowed my mind. That is personal submarine. It is QUITE expensive, it costs 1mil EUR with capacity for two people.

We finally got to the Hall 11 where was all the equipment you can imagine. Of course we spend some money for stuff which catch our eye and we did not plan to buy it. For example paddle board :)

My main aim was to buy Garmin radar 18xhd, water maker, wind generator and some small stuff.

I finally decided to buy Silent Wind generator. There is probably better solution called Super Wind, but I went for cheaper solution. The difference is mainly that Super Wind works in higher windy conditions.

Regarding desalination system, I decided for Pure Water Whisper 30. Was considering also Aqua Base Eco range and Katadyn Spectra Ventura 150, but the difference of 2-3K EUR between the products was huge. The products which I did not choose are more compact, so the installation is easier, but on our 42ft boat there is not so many free space, so we have to split the water maker under the bed in one cabin, filters under the sink in the main toilette. Pure water is possible to easily spread to the free spaces in the boat. The

There were other things which I had to solve, such as Anchor bracket, Saloon table leg and order Genaker.

Because we are having Ultramarine anchor, it has a special profile, so it does not exactly fit to the Bavaria design, we have to make the anchor bracket bit higher.

Last thing I discovered there is the battery monitor from Simarine. It is very handy thing which shows you the energy input from your solar panel or windgenerator. It also shows you the energy consumption of your devices. And it has integrated barometer :)

Of course I bought other stuff like you can see on the image. When you are there, you see so many useful things which will definitely be helpful sometime :) Knife, waterproof box, diving lamp, rod holder, repairing kit for teak, the hull and the sails. And of course the beer holder :)


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