• Michal

24 hours alone on Skiathos island

All the film crew left by ferry and I stayed one day alone on the island. I do not remember time, when I was 24 hours alone without anybody. I had enough time to discover a bit of the island, local restaurants, renting a scouter and doing my regular running.

First few minutes It was strange feeling of door keeper who locks the door after big party and then silence. Last month the marina was full of our crew and suddenly there is no one except me.

My production arranged me an apartment in the city centre where I threw my bag and I was running immediately to rent a scooter. There are rentals everywhere. Only Restaurants, Bars and Rentals. One day scooter costs 20Eur.

Lady in the rental suggested me few beaches around the island. She said that Skiathos is the island with the highest amount of variable style of beaches in all Greece. It is true, if you want to have high waves, sand, stones, party, quiet, nude, everything.

I picked the Banana beach. The access is by sandy road, that is why it is not so crowdy. There are two bars during the day and in the evening there are concerts or DJs.

Around 6pm I jumped o scooter and drove back to the hotel, where I changed the clothes for running.

I decide to run towards to the airport around laguna and to the sandy beach with high waves behind the airport.

There is no one. It is nice place, but aircrafts are departing over you, so it is quite noisy. Thankfully there is not so high traffic on the island.

I ended my 11 km run at the round bound where people are waiting for the landing aircrafts over their heads on Alexandris Papadiamantis airport. Have to say, that the feeling from heavy vehicle few meters above your head is impressive. During our trip in January on Sint Maarten we could experience this moment also, but on Skiathos it is even closer.

It is dinner time, city becomes very busy, people everywhere, it looks like house of ants. I am really not enjoying these places. That situation pushed me into one of the restaurants on the main street facing the see. That was a mistake, bad beef steak and greek salad. I did not have worse. If I would be with Pavla, she would sniff some cool quiet place with a good food.

I did not finish the food, went immediately to some bar kill the bad feeling in my stomach.

The bar is called Jasmine bar, very good one, nice place, nice drinks, I would recommend.

On the way from the bar I met so many nice restaurants further in the historic centre. Such a shame, but I would not enjoy the atmosphere without my wife. We love enjoying the gastronomy together.

Someone recommended me another bar, which I visited on my way back home. It is called The Borzoi Club. They do cook till late hours. Very nice place.

Round the corner is a hamburgers place where we were day before with the crew, called Foodporn burgers. I had a Marc Zuckerburger which is with truffle oil. Delicious.

I have to say, I enjoyed those few hours being alone, but it is enough. Cannot wait to see my family, especially when Adina, our 3 year old daughter called me and said, Papa you have to be here! I bought to each of them home made t-shirt obviously with the sailing boat :)


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