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Movie about freedom filmed in Greece

This was a trip without my family, but I have to write about it, because it is related to sailing and to a freedom.

In January 2016 I was approached by my colleagues, if we would like to produce a movie about freedom, yachts, young couple, shooted in Greece. I could not say no, when there is a yachting theme, we have to be around 😃

This movie is a triple debut film of director Sofia Sustkova, of the camera guy Opin Pivonka and also first feature film, which my production company was producing.

It is risky project, but on the other side, it is great opportunity to discover new business sphere. I was never scared of new things, because when you will go on unknown road, you will always discover something.

The name of the movie is Do vetru (into the wind) Main roles are covered by quite popular czech young actors Janovefa Bokova and Vladimir Polivka.

On 23rd of July 2016, I arrived to Skiathos, North part of Sporades islands in Greece to pick the boat Nefeli, Bavaria 42 from 2006, which will be the acting boat in the whole movie. The charter manager was looking at me as on a stranger, because there was no one before who chartered a boat for 5 weeks.

The whole crew came by cars from Czech Republic (over 2000km) and they were waiting for me to arrive with the boat to the main land (Arkitsa), where will be the first part of the shooting. I went on engine for 7 hours, arrived to Arkitsa at 1:30 in the morning. The whole crew was waiting with the local wine, there was such a good moood and I was ready to sleep. Could not even say complete sentence how I was tired. The invitation by them was very nice.

I spent only 1 hour in the morning with the crew and went to Athens to return back to Prague. I gave all the trust to Barbora and Elen, the production ladies, who did not have easy times during the filming. The Greek mentality is specific. When you have an agreement, quite often happens, that it is not valid or does not fulfil the expectation. Time certainty is a topic itself.

But we cannot blame them, the weather makes from people easy going bodies 😃

During the whole month I was getting only positive messages. They were not bothering me with problems, which always happening during the shooting. it was strange to me, but I was really calm, because I knew that girls will manage it.

The rest of the movie is shot on these destinations:

Skala Atalanti


Loutra Edipsou


Agios Georgios


I returned on 22nd of August for the last days to return the boat to the Kiriacoulis charter management. Their level of service is great, I have to say that I met a lot of base managers, but Kiriacoulis works like german type of company 😃

So there are exceptions in Greece 😃

During last days we were doing some product photoshoots for few of our sponsors, Excellent beer (Pilsner Urquell), Ultramarine anchors, Suncream Daylong. During anchoring in the bay on island Tsoungria, unbelievable thing happened.

Our sailing boat Liberty (it is chartered in Kiriacoulis also) just anchored next to us. There are few thousand boats in Greece and we met her in lonely bay. It was nice to see her after a year when we were in Greece sailing with her.

Cannot wait till October when I will see her again and will be able to check the condition. Some german family was renting and of course I did not jump on the boat saying Hello, let me check the boat 😃 I went around with dinghy and even that was bit weird to them 😃

The day after all the crew left by ferry to the main land from where they will have to drive 20 hours back to Prague.

Really enjoyed a lot last two days with them. Have to say I regret, that I could not spend more time with them during the filming. Such a cool group of young talented people, totally responsible for the job.

Just imagine that you will be one month together with 25 people, everyday on one spot. There must be cabin fever, but they managed it.

Those who did have a boat from charter management, you know, that there is always something broken or happens.

It is miracle that nothing has happened, only two lost fenders.

The movie will go to the film festivals during the summer of 2017 and then in a fall 2017 into the cinemas. After that you will be able to see it on our website also 😃

The biggest satisfaction from this project is the feeling, that I can help these young talents to create their debut movie which could change their career. That is amazing.

At the beginning of my advertising career I had also few people who supported me by giving me the chance to show my skills.

That is why I am giving it back to the community.


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